About 5280 Group

5280 Group is Proprietary Limited Company in Australia (ACN: 606 766 492). It specialises in commercial development advice to private, small, junior, minnow and/or early stage oil and gas exploration and production (upstream) companies. This includes, development planning, decision making, economics, uncertainty assessment, portfolio planning/analysis and many other things needed to aid in clear thinking and the exercise of good judgement.

5280 Group is the brain child of Adrian Sikorski. He lives and works in Adelaide. He wanted a reminder that his roots lie in the Mile High City (Denver) and named his company after its altitude in feet. His education includes a Bachelor degree in Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and a Master of Petroleum Business Management from the University of Adelaide. He worked with Royal Dutch Shell in The Netherlands on various international projects in technical roles and for Santos in several commercial roles. He has a strong interest in better decision making. He reads xkcd.com.


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